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If your tracking number doesnt show up in the Postal Services Database (EMS), track it via DHL, insert the tracking number we supplied e.g.( EE11111111ID) and type it in the shipping reference box, click to adjust the estimate date of shipping box, continue with clicking on track button, no dhl account needed. Due Covid situation most of orders are beeing shipped via DHL at the moment.

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We offerWise.com Payments at checkout. Our Tempeh Starter stays potent for months and years! Shipping depending on location Visit our F.A.Q. section for more Information and Questions.

How to make homemade Tempeh?

We provide clear instructions how to use our tempeh starter, and make perfect white tempeh in no time. Do not spent a fortune in Healh Stores, make your own tempeh at home now !

Tempeh Starterand others

Our Tempeh Starter is of the highest quality and produced perfect white tempeh. Our starter is very potent, so you will need a small amount to produce a lot of Tempeh, this also saves on shipping costs. Please visit our shopping basket for more fermentation and yeast products, as Ragi Peuyeum (fermented Casava),Rice wine yeast, Ragi Ketan (fermented   black rice) and more...

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        Ragi tempeh
  • 2. Black rice yeast
        Ragi tape (fermented black rice)
  • 3. Rice Wine Yeast :
        Fermented rice wine
  • 4. Ragi Peuyem:
        Fermented rice wine
  • 5. Oncom Hitam
        Black oncom
  • 6. Natto Moto
        Natto Starter