Tempeh Starter - Shipping & Returns
Shipping and Returns:

We will always guarantee the quality of the product we ship to you. Just drop us an email within 24 hours after receiving your merchandise if you are not satisfied with the product we delivered.

Take advantage of the new shipping prices via DHL, from 2 kg and up to 10 kg to US 58.00 US dollars, To Europe 48.00 US dollar
also to other destinations prices are changed

Shipping and handling is reasonable and is depending on location. For the exact shipping and/or handling amount, please refer to the shipping/handling rates upon placing the order.

When the shipping rate differ from the shipping/handling rate quoted on your order, we will contact you for the new rate approval.
We do not make any profit from the shipping charges.

All our products are Halal, Kosher, and do not contain any animal products.

The shipping charges are the actual cost imposed by DHL and local Post Offices.
We ship our items domestic and International to our consumers worldwide.
We will contact international orders if additional charges are involved, but mostly because of the light weight of our products this rarely happens, but if so, we will contact you first, and only then, we charge and ship. We ship out the next working day.


Purchaser bears outward shipping costs. We deliver to almost any destination in the world via shipping options.
Shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout with EMS,or registered shipping Costs Software.

Our Secure Servers and Security Software are located in the U.S. and compliant within US Regulations.


We use DHL Express Service, and Registered mail services for shipping for countries listed upon checkout in our shopping cart.
Delivery will be made up to a weight of 4 Lbs for international registered mail. If the weight is more than 2kg, if above 2kg it will be shipped via DHL Express with great rates.
On request or inquiry, we can also offer larger quantities as a package and express deliveries. Please contact us in this case, before placing an order for the shipping cost!

International registered orders up to 2 Kg delivery time up to 28 working days.
EMS Express max. 20 kg. Delivery time 3 - 7 working days

You will get from our customer services a notice when the shipment is made, and tracking information will be provided within 24-48 Hrs.

After 2-3 days, then the consignment number will be notified of your shipment.
The tracking information you can use the link: http://www.Tempehstarter.com/tracking.html
Please note! Registered mail can be delivered in any packing station! Keep in mind If available at the first attempt to deliver the order the postal services will leave a note for the shipment, which then you must pick up at your local post office within 15 days! Otherwise, the merchandise will be returned to the sender!

Orders shipped via regular Registered mail can take 4-28 days because the receiver will have to sign for the shipment upon arrival. In case a shipment is lost we will only be able to refund the value of the shipment, not the shipping costs, if shipment is returned to us.( We ship DHL,EMS or registered mail, and it never happens that a shipment is lost, its always traceable). Regular shipping will only occur to countries who do not accept EMS shipping, which are just a few countries worldwide.

We will ship your order once your payment has been received upon checkout. Please remember, there is always a few days spent for custom/duty clearance.


1.Please ensure that the address provided to us is correct.
2.Packages are shipped to the address on the payment notification email.
3.If mailing address is different, do be sure to email us the correct address before the package is sent out.
Let us know in advance if the package is to be a gift to be sent to another address.
4.Buyer is to pay for postage and handling fees for re-sending package to the correct address, if this occurs.
5.Any packages returned to us marked refused, unclaimed or undeliverable can only be refunded for the goods, not the shipping costs.
6.All shipments, which are refused or Lost by receiving authorities or customs, And therefore not returned to us, are not able for a refund, including the shipping fees.
7.If at any time you are not satisfied with our products, please return them to us, unopened, and we will refund you for the goods.
8.We do not ship to PO Boxes.

Delivering time

Your order will be shipped the next working day, and will arrive via Registered mail within 3 - 28 days business, depend on the destination.
Our experience is that shipping to the U.S.A. takes 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.
For Express Shipping it takes 2-7 business days, depending on locations. Please notice that in some rare occasions it may take longer, depending on third parties Please be advised that if you use a forwarding address, the delivery time can take longer.


For DHL Express Shipping and Registered Mail, you will be provided with tracking number information in order to track and monitor your shipment in real time.

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Shipping Worldwide!

Payment Options:

We offer Wise.com Payments at checkout. Our Tempeh Starter stays potent for months and years! Shipping starts and depending on location Visit our F.A.Q. section for more Information and Questions.

How to make homemade Tempeh?

We provide clear instructions how to use our tempeh starter, and make perfect white tempeh in no time. Do not spent a fortune in Healh Stores, make your own tempeh at home now !

Tempeh Starterand others

Our Tempeh Starter is of the highest quality and produced perfect white tempeh. Our starter is very potent, so you will need a small amount to produce a lot of Tempeh, this also saves on shipping costs. Please visit our shopping basket for more fermentation and yeast products, as Ragi Peuyeum (fermented Casava),Rice wine yeast, Ragi Ketan (fermented   black rice) and more...

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