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We will always guarantee the quality of the product we ship to you. Just drop us an email within 24 hours after receiving your merchandise if you are not satisfied with the product we delivered. Shipping and handling is reasonable and is depending on location. For the exact shipping and/or handling amount, please refer to the shipping/handling rates upon placing the order. When the shipping rate differ from the shipping/handling rate quoted on your order, we will contact you for the new rate approval. We do not make any profit from the shipping charges..

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New ! Having problems with payments? Only 1 click away now with Mobile Phone, Ipad,or computer. Click on the Paypal.Me logo and you will be directed to our IndoPal Paypal.me account, or visit https:/paypal.me/indopal/ just fill out the amount of your total order, and payment will be sent.

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For payment you will be automatically directed to PayPal after the checkout at our side. The standard view is the one displayed below. Yet, after being prompted to create a PayPal account, many don’t look further. If you want to pay with your credit card without signing up on the page, you can do that though. Click on “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit”.

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Shipping Worldwide!

Payment Options:

We offer payments via Paypal,
Debit and Credit Cards upon checkout. Our Tempeh Starter stay potent for months and years! Shipping starts at $3.95 depending on location Visit our F.A.Q. section for more Information and Questions.

How to make homemade Tempeh?

We provide clear instructions how to use our tempeh starter, and make perfect white tempeh in no time. Do not spent a fortune in Healh Stores, make your own tempeh at home now !

Tempeh Starterand others

Our Tempeh Starter is of the highest quality and produced perfect white tempeh. Our starter is very potent, so you will need a small amount to produce a lot of Tempeh, this also saves on shipping costs. Please visit our shopping basket for more fermentation and yeast products, as Ragi Peuyeum (fermented Casava),Rice wine yeast, Ragi Ketan (fermented   black rice) and more...

Top Selling Products,

  • 1. Tempeh Starter
        Ragi tempeh
  • 2. Black rice yeast
        Ragi tape (fermented black rice)
  • 3. Rice Wine Yeast :
        Fermented rice wine
  • 4. Ragi Peuyem:
        Fermented rice wine
  • 5. Oncom Hitam
        Black oncom
  • 6. Natto Moto
        Natto Starter