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We ship our special developed Tempeh Starter worldwide for reasonable prices!. Consult our shipping information pages, and our easy instructions how to grow your own home made tempeh successfully, with our instructions.

All our tempeh starters have been tested and are free of salmonella infection, and a copy of Lab results are on our website.

All our starters are Halal and Kosher, and do not contain any GMO or animal products.

Now very popular throughout Asia, and indeed, the centerpiece of their diet, tempeh is the product of partially cooked soybeans inoculated with the mold Rhizopus oligosporus. The mold, closely related to common bread mold, begins to ferment the loosely packed soybeans, and quickly binds them together with its white mycelia. In the process, carried out over a 24-36 hour period, the soybeans are "predigested" and the ensuing cake is greatly improved in its nutrition. While protein and isoflavones are left intact, the Rhizopus breaks down the oligosaccharides and trypsin inhibitors that render soybeans difficult to digest. In addition, the mold neutralizes the physic acid that binds to minerals, making them easier to assimilate. In fact, the Rhizopus releases phytase, an enzyme that makes the zinc, iron, and calcium in soybeans easier to absorb. The mold also produces a natural antibiotic that reduces the risk of food contamination and acts in the intestines against infection by unwanted bacteria. In Indonesian communities with high levels of tempeh consumption, dysentery is much less common than in communities with diets that revolve around other food sources. An additional benefit, in regards to protein, is that the fermentation process breaks soy proteins into amino acids that we can more easily absorb. Tempeh is often described as having a rich, nutty, mushroom-like flavor. While it can be prepared in numerous ways, at our store we prefer it simply browned in cubes with butter, olive oil, and/or toasted sesame oil with some garlic, ginger, and a splash soy sauce. Below are simple directions to make pounds of your own delicious and nutritious tempeh.

Ingredients (Makes about 5 lbs):
6 cups of whole, dry soybeans
2 tablespoons vinegar
2 teaspoon tempeh starter

Step 1: At the beginning you have two choices:
a. Soak whole soybeans overnight with enough of water. The next day rub/squeeze soaked beans to remove the skins (de hull). This is necessary to enable the mold to get to the endosperm. After this boil for 30-45 minutes, turn of the heat, strain and spread beans out on towels in a thin layer to dry and cool. It is important that the beans are relatively dry, as excess moisture will encourage spoilage by unwanted bacteria. Wait until the soy beans are cooler then skin temperature.
b. Alternatively, put the beans through a food mill set very loosely so that the beans are broken into 2 to 5 pieces. Soak overnight. This process makes the de hulling much easier, but some nutrients are lost during soaking.

Step 2: Transfer beans to clean bowl

Step3. add the vinegar, and mix very well, then add the starter starter and mix very well.

Step 4: Prepare containers for incubation. You can use zip lock bags or small cooking trays/baking pans. (make sure the cooking trays/baking pans are sufficiently deep to allow the required space when covered, see Step 6). Bags have the advantage of being ready to refrigerate or freeze, whereas the tempeh in trays is ready to eat upon completion of incubation. For bags, poke holes with an ice pick or fork every 1/2 to 3/4 inches to allow mold to breathe.

Step 5: Fill bags about half way with beans, seal, and pack flat into uniform layer one half to one inch thick. For trays, pack into a uniform layer of the same thickness and cover with aluminum foil with holes poked in it. There should be at least 1 to 2 inches between foil and beans.

Step 6: Incubate at 86 F (29 C) for 22 to 28 hours. It is important, especially at beginning, that you have a sufficiently warm temperature for the mold to get off to a good start. However, do not overheat, as it will enable unwanted bacteria to dominate. About 16 hours into incubation, lower or remove heat as the fermentation is now generating its own heat. Check to see that there is not too much condensation. If there is, open bags and prop open.

Step 8: Near end of the fermentation time, keep an eye on the tempeh so as to halt the fermentation before the mold begins to produce dark-colored spores. Once the cake is solid and white with the beans firmly connected and there is a "mushroom" aroma, either cook and eat, refrigerate, or freeze. (Do not stack if refrigerating, as the internal heat will enable them to continue to mature, and tempeh will be spoiled.)

Step 9: Consult listed books or websites for many available additional recipe ideas.

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